Living today the fortune cookie way © 365/365

Well I have done it! I have conquered self doubt, laziness, lethargy, embarrassment and many other obstacles to achieve my goal of writing 365 posts based on fortune cookie mottos!

I am really proud of myself. I have actually stuck to something!  Ok, I haven’t done consecutive days, but I wasn’t far off. This is quite a breakthrough for me!

We all have obstacles every day; life would be very boring if we had no obstacles.  The sense of achievement in actually obtaining a goal far outweighs the effort of striving for it.

A dear friend did a zombie run over the weekend and the photos looked great; it looked very strenuous, the “obstacle” course looked hard, but what a sense of achievement to do it. Another dear friends daughter climbed to Everest Base Camp; wow!!! What an achievement. 

I am surrounded by amazing friends and family who overcome obstacles daily to achieve dreams and inspire others and me along the way.

So, this is it. 

The final post.

What a year it has been! I have gone from being a spinster to a married woman. I have lost friends whom I would have considered to be with me for life. I believe I have become more authentic than I have been my entire life. I am learning to say no to others and yes to myself and I know myself well enough to know that this isn’t being selfish. I have set up personal boundaries and am quieting the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” voice.  I am learning to love better and am a novice student in the art of flexibility.

Fortune cookie has cemented friendships and made new ones. One dear reader I have barely spoken to, but I just know we are very dear friends.

I would like to have a fortune cookie celebration, so dear reader if you would like to be a part of it please instant message me. We will have a physical get together at the same time as a virtual get together; it will take some organising but Mr D regularly has conference calls with people all over the world, so I am sure he can fix it up.

I leave the last word to one of my heroines, Dr Maya Angelou. God bless you all and thank you for sharing my journey…


Living today the fortune cookie way ©364/365

Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility….

It has been quite a year with a lot of changes. One of the most important lessons I have learnt over the last 12 months is to be flexible. The palm tree withstands the monsoon winds because it bends…it is flexible.

Tomorrow will be a momentous day; the last of my blogs…I wonder what insight it will give me?

I hope you have a good day and manage to be flexible…like me, you may actually prefer the outcome being flexible affords you…and it may infact help you reach your goal faster!

Living today the fortune cookie way ©363/365

Earlier today I said to Mr D “I think we are born perfect but life grinds us down. That’s why we need to constantly try to improve and return to our ‘tabula rasa’ state”…I then opened the fortune cookie and here it is; talking about grinding!

The great thing is that we are being whittled by life and if we allow it we can become something practical like a needle with which can weave all the threads of life into a beautiful pattern. When we look back over our lives we can appreciate the design like a beautiful tapestry.

Living today the fortune cookie way © 362/365

This is true! I do indeed struggle for self improvement and I think it probably shows itself…in neuroticism! But joking apart, I do wonder what life would be like if I just let go and just forgot all this attempt (which invariably seems totally and utterly futile) at self improvement….

As I come to the end of this project I realise it has taught me far more than I could have ever hoped. I have amazed myself that I have stuck at it and I am amazed that I haven’t deemed not doing it consecutive days a failiure; at the start this would have been inconceivable. I would have given up because I had missed a day. The keen reader will know I only took a break for honeymoon and post honeymoon when I have been overwhelmed. I guess I am being more flexible and less “black and white” in my thinking and this is a good thing; I believe that it is a sign of maturity.

There are areas of my life where I really am struggling and the next phase of my life will be dealing with this and this will be a form of self improvement.  I hope it will show in a positive way that I am trying to my nearest and dearest.

Living today the fortune cookie way ©361/365

Your greatest asset is not the quantity of your friends, rather the quality of your friends”

In these days of social media people can get quite obsessed with the number of their “friends” or followers and how many “likes” or comments they get. It must be really difficult for young people these days especially if you aren’t very popular and don’t recognise the truth that is touched upon in today’s fortune cookie motto.

I have learnt so much this year about myself and my friends. I have some incredible friends and some amazing acquaintances and some people I consider friends I have hardly spent any time with but I know that we are soul friends. 

I have to say I value my friends so very much. They have been there for me through thick and thin and inspire me to be a better person and to push myself. 

Living today the fortune cookie way ©360/365

I don’t want my life to be a race against the clock; surely we can accomplish what needs to be done in a relaxed, stress-free, and calm manner?  Surely life doesn’t need to be on a countdown with the clock reset after each event, nervous tension and agitation all the way?

I want to enjoy each stage of my day. I know this is possible. This is what I prize.

So how can this be achieved? Well the only way I can do it is by enjoying the mundane chores as much as the things I love doing; take pleasure in a job well done however small it may be.

I really feel that if life has become a race against the clock with all the associated tension that accompanies this modus operandi there is something wrong. It’s great to accomplish things but not at the expense of peace and calm and I know there has to be another way.

All I know is I want calm, peace and harmony and I know this is possible to achieve whilst accomplishing things. 

Living today the fortune cookie way ©359/365

The old saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes is so true.

I have learnt more the last couple of months than for absolutely ages. Things that I may have thought I understood I realise now that I didn’t.  It is only through living experiences rather than being an onlooker and empathising that I really understand things.

I think that what I have learnt is not to ever really pass comment, have an opinion, judge until I have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes. I also think that even if you have a shared experience you can never really truly understand how someone else feels because they have had an entirely different back catalogue of experiece which impacts on how they react to things.  So the best thing to do is empathise. I don’t think I will say I understand anymore, better to say I hear you. In face best just to stay silent and just listen…infact listen is an anagram of silent…

Living today the fortune cookie way©358/365

This is a funny one after yesterday’s motto!  

Sometimes in life I find that I am too busy pursuing something like happiness, financial security, peace etc that I don’t realise that I already have it! I have found that when I recognise I already have enough of that seemingly unobtainable or elusive thing and stop pursuing it, it is then that I create more of it. 

My life seems to be perpetual motion but i know that I should actually just stop and enjoy the moment and focus on the here and now and therein lies all I need.

Living today the fortune cookie way ©357/365

It has always amazed me that in the chromatic scale there are 12 notes and from those 12 notes we have all the incredible, infinite styles of music in the world….get your mind around that! Just from 12 notes!!! From just 3 colours we have the spectrum of colours…just 3 colours. I am not a mathematician so numbers don’t float my boat so I will pass on the 10 digits 😆

Today’s motto is one of the most interesting ones I think. In life we can get bogged down in the detail and not see the big picture. We can be overwhelmed by the sheer variety. I know I over complicate things. I also get obsessed with a tiny thing that balloons out of all proportion and consumes everything else. 

It seems that today’s motto is calling me to consider stripping everything down to the basics…What are the fundamentals of my world?

  1. To be happy
  2. To be happy
  3. To be happy

As I wrote the above I just couldn’t get away from that first point. I just think that for me that is what I am striving for, it is the fundamental upon which I know everything hinges. I am striving for a constant underlying, feeling of happiness. An unshakeable feeling happiness. Jefferson valued the pursuit of happiness so highly that he included it in the American Declaration of Independence.

There is one fundamental thing about achieving this. That is; I am solely responsible for it. It is down to me. I can’t seek it elsewhere; it can be added to but it is up to me to uncover it, it is for me to maintain it, nurture it and create it in myself and my environment.  

I believe we are all born fundamentally happy but as we grow up we over complicate things and stop focusing on the basics; I think it is in recognsing the basics of life and being grateful for them that our happiness lies.

Living today the fortune cookie way © 356/365

I read a book ages ago, can’t remember what it was called, but it stressed how important it was to start each day with gratitude so with every step, as you get out of bed you sat “thank you”, “thank you”. It said it gets the day off to a positive start and  we all know that an attitude of gratitude is a great thing. 

So a smile, as we know, is a curve that puts all things straight.  Very few people can resist a smile.

I am going to challenge myself today to keep a smile on my face at all times as I know that when I am concentrating I frown but I reckon that if I smile today will go that much better and I already feel happier smiling though this blog.