It has always amazed me that in the chromatic scale there are 12 notes and from those 12 notes we have all the incredible, infinite styles of music in the world….get your mind around that! Just from 12 notes!!! From just 3 colours we have the spectrum of colours…just 3 colours. I am not a mathematician so numbers don’t float my boat so I will pass on the 10 digits 😆

Today’s motto is one of the most interesting ones I think. In life we can get bogged down in the detail and not see the big picture. We can be overwhelmed by the sheer variety. I know I over complicate things. I also get obsessed with a tiny thing that balloons out of all proportion and consumes everything else. 

It seems that today’s motto is calling me to consider stripping everything down to the basics…What are the fundamentals of my world?

  1. To be happy
  2. To be happy
  3. To be happy

As I wrote the above I just couldn’t get away from that first point. I just think that for me that is what I am striving for, it is the fundamental upon which I know everything hinges. I am striving for a constant underlying, feeling of happiness. An unshakeable feeling happiness. Jefferson valued the pursuit of happiness so highly that he included it in the American Declaration of Independence.

There is one fundamental thing about achieving this. That is; I am solely responsible for it. It is down to me. I can’t seek it elsewhere; it can be added to but it is up to me to uncover it, it is for me to maintain it, nurture it and create it in myself and my environment.  

I believe we are all born fundamentally happy but as we grow up we over complicate things and stop focusing on the basics; I think it is in recognsing the basics of life and being grateful for them that our happiness lies.