I don’t want my life to be a race against the clock; surely we can accomplish what needs to be done in a relaxed, stress-free, and calm manner?  Surely life doesn’t need to be on a countdown with the clock reset after each event, nervous tension and agitation all the way?

I want to enjoy each stage of my day. I know this is possible. This is what I prize.

So how can this be achieved? Well the only way I can do it is by enjoying the mundane chores as much as the things I love doing; take pleasure in a job well done however small it may be.

I really feel that if life has become a race against the clock with all the associated tension that accompanies this modus operandi there is something wrong. It’s great to accomplish things but not at the expense of peace and calm and I know there has to be another way.

All I know is I want calm, peace and harmony and I know this is possible to achieve whilst accomplishing things.