Well I have done it! I have conquered self doubt, laziness, lethargy, embarrassment and many other obstacles to achieve my goal of writing 365 posts based on fortune cookie mottos!

I am really proud of myself. I have actually stuck to something!  Ok, I haven’t done consecutive days, but I wasn’t far off. This is quite a breakthrough for me!

We all have obstacles every day; life would be very boring if we had no obstacles.  The sense of achievement in actually obtaining a goal far outweighs the effort of striving for it.

A dear friend did a zombie run over the weekend and the photos looked great; it looked very strenuous, the “obstacle” course looked hard, but what a sense of achievement to do it. Another dear friends daughter climbed to Everest Base Camp; wow!!! What an achievement. 

I am surrounded by amazing friends and family who overcome obstacles daily to achieve dreams and inspire others and me along the way.

So, this is it. 

The final post.

What a year it has been! I have gone from being a spinster to a married woman. I have lost friends whom I would have considered to be with me for life. I believe I have become more authentic than I have been my entire life. I am learning to say no to others and yes to myself and I know myself well enough to know that this isn’t being selfish. I have set up personal boundaries and am quieting the “shoulda, woulda, coulda” voice.  I am learning to love better and am a novice student in the art of flexibility.

Fortune cookie has cemented friendships and made new ones. One dear reader I have barely spoken to, but I just know we are very dear friends.

I would like to have a fortune cookie celebration, so dear reader if you would like to be a part of it please instant message me. We will have a physical get together at the same time as a virtual get together; it will take some organising but Mr D regularly has conference calls with people all over the world, so I am sure he can fix it up.

I leave the last word to one of my heroines, Dr Maya Angelou. God bless you all and thank you for sharing my journey…