Living today the fortune cookie way ©355/365

I am increasingly realising that perfection is unobtainable and that it is just putting me under unecessary pressure. Believe it or not I have got better as I used to not even attempt things unless I knew I would be successful.

With maturity I have realised that I learn far more and far quicker from failiures. I have then even found that I can be good at something I initially thought I was totally useless at.  Often the setback is the set-up for a come back.


Living today the fortune cookie way ©354/365

I was just listening to a fascinating programme about Virginia Woolf inwhich they played the only surviving audio footage of the amazing author. She starts it as follows and I thought it was fantastic and worth sharing…

“Words, English words, are full of echoes, of memories, of associations – naturally. They have been out and about, on people’s lips, in their houses, in the streets, in the fields, for so many centuries. And that is one of the chief difficulties in writing them today – that they are so stored with meanings, with memories, that they have contracted so many famous marriages.”


I loved this and thought how the more we read the more everything will resonate and echo and the same is true of life, the more we live, the more resonance there will be but the secret is to do as today’s motto suggests; not to let the past and useless details choke our existence. It can inform our existence but we must always approach each new day with the fresh air of hope and expectation cleansing our lungs.

Living today the fortune cookie way © 352/365

This made me guffaw when I read todays motto; a business woman I am not! My two brothers are very successful in business and I didn’t get that gene 😆.

My initi thought was there is no way I can write anything about this…but it kept coming to mind all day, then when I was discussing my day with Mr D I finally realised how I could respond.

I was asked today by a colleague/friend to give a flute lesson/coaching session and I have been deliberating all day a) if I should charge as I know the person well and have given him lessons before for free b) how much I should charge c) whether, in general I should charge for all the one off lessons I give. 

I had such amazing teachers I feel like I am obliged to pay it forward. I am also aware that many of the people who ask me for lessons aren’t as lucky as I am and haven’t had the wonderful opportunities I have had.

Today’s motto has made my mind up that I will charge for the lesson and the proper amount. I have never expected free lessons from anyone so why would anyone expect one from me? I have to value my time and experience. I hasten to add I am sure my friend will be fine with this.

On another issue I received a lengthy letter today by a friend of a friend asking for extremely detailed advice on music business matters and then someone else assumed I would be driving to a gig and would pick them up and drop them off. They were so assertive I just said ok when I vowed after he last time that I would say “no, it isn’t time efficient for me to drive I will go by train”…but oh no I just said “fine”.

What today’s motto is telling me is that I will never be an unusually successful business woman until I start thinking and behaving like a business woman and valuing my time, energy and abilities. 

Living today the fortune cookie way ©352/365

This is a relief to hear as in general everything in life seems terrible hard work at the moment. 

I didn’t realise how much was involved in life transitions. I was looking at an ornament when I was practising today and it is of an eagle which I consider to be my spirit totem animal…have I lost you? Well if you haven’t already got one it is quite a fun thing to choose an animal you feel most affinity with, or aspire to be like. Mine is an eagle. 

Anyway, it was timely to look at the eagle as I was literally standing there with flute in hand with my stomach in knots thinking how am I going to make everything work? It was a classic case of not seeing the bigger picture…I wasn’t looking at the situation…like an eagle. It was like a eureka moment.

On honeymoon Mr D took me on a special trip to see the sea Eagles in Norway; it was a total highlight of the entire vacation. 

So my challenge is to emulate the eagle and soar above all the situations life inevitably throws up. 

Living today the fortune cookie way ©351/365

How lovely if this is the case, but maybe I should start sending cheerful messages and letters myself. 

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and I feel like I haven’t had any time whatsoever to stop and smell the roses. I have a list as long as my arm of people I need to contact. 

I abandoned writing this earlier and then I just had an amazing couple of experiences….

The gentleman in the stationers commented on my “fabulous” handbag and we had a really nice chat, a brief but very deep connection… I was musing on how nice that was and went to buy a coffee for the train and the lovely ladies said “it is free”. I said  “pardon.” “It’s free.” “Why?” I said and they said “just because and because it is Friday”.  I am so chuffed. It has really made me happy. 

So I am literally smelling the coffee and here is a photo of the two beauties who helped me finish today’s blog… they seemed really amazed I wanted to take their photo to say thank you on FB 😇😇😇

Living today the fortune cookie way blog 350/365

I drew an empty fortune cookie yet again today. I suppose that in a box of 250 we can excuse it!

Today it is my stepson’s 18th Birthday, so I thought I would write today’s blog as a message to him; it is 18 things I would tell my 18 year old self.

  1. You can be and do anything you want but only if you are 100% dedicated 
  2. You don’t have to like everyone and everyone doesn’t have to like you!
  3. Your Mum and Dad only want you to be happy. That is their primary concern. 
  4. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is the future, we have to try and live in the present because there is much to enjoy in the NOW
  5. Trust your gut but try to discern if it is really disguising fear…sometimes we have to feel the fear and do it anyway. Sometimes we need to surprise ourselves and push ourselves…the skill is discerning where and when
  6. Where thoughts go, energy flows; if you focus on something, positive or negative, that is where your energy will be…choose positive.
  7. When someone tells you who they are, either in words or actions; believe them!
  8. You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  9. Like attracts like…surround yourself with people on your own wavelength and people you would be happy to be. They are who you will become most like, therefore choose wisely!
  10. Don’t sweat the small stuff; ask yourself “will this matter in a week, in a month, in a year…”
  11. Be thankful; end each day saying to yourself three things that you are thankful for. An attitude of gratitude attracts more positive things.
  12. Be open to new experiences. You may surprise yourself. The most interesting people in life are those who have had the most experiences
  13. Make your most treasured posessions your memories
  14. You are not responsible for other people’s behaviour but you are responsible for your response to their behaviour 
  15. Be kind to yourself. Monitor the internal self talk and make sure it is always affirming and loving. Ask yourself would I accept a friend saying this to me or would I allow someone to say this to someone else? 
  16. Make the most of people as no one is here forever. 
  17. Say what is in your heart, even if it may be scary; trust yourself as you are a good person. This is being authentic
  18. Be flexible; the palm tree doesn’t snap in the high winds….

Living today the fortune cookie way ©349/365

When I first read today’s motto I couldn’t imagine what it referred to and then I thought to myself that one of the biggest responsibilities and honors I have experienced over the past couple of years, and especially since I got married last month, is becoming step mother to Mr D’s son who will be 18 this coming Friday.

I didn’t really understand the role when I first met Mr D and I think it is something I will learn for the rest of my life but I feel it has added a new dimension to my personality and psychology. It has also added another dynamic to my relationship with Mr D.

I feel that I am maturing very quickly not only in my relationship with my step son but also through the interactions with Mr D’s ex wife.

I feel that this role is really calling me to be a better person and preparing me for the day that I will become a Mum.

Living today the fortune cookie way © 348/365

I love this as I feel that social media like Facebook delivers good news to me every day. I am lucky enough to have friends and now family all over the world and I love seeing happy posts from across the miles.

On the whole I think that social media is a force for good. Earlier in the week I had a bad experience and as a result I voiced my annoyance at what I believed to be colleagues thoughtless behaviour; this particular subject it is a bugbear for many of my colleagues so I put a post on Facebook basically saying come on guys we’re all in the same boat let’s think about each other; there are no exceptions, the rules apply to everyone. I left it on FB for about 30 mins then had to delete it as it wasn’t positive and it was grating on me. I don’t want to be a drain so I deleted it. 

I want to radiate good news to those far, far away as well. I put my rash post down to tiredness. 

We all need good news so it is my challenge today to spread good news and to radiate not drain, and this applies not only in my social media interactions but also in my general interactions.

Living today the fortune cookie way © 347/365

I had something of a revelation this morning; a eureka moment…

Where attention goes energy flows. I know this but I understood it today. 

I am only going to invest my time and energy in things that are a source of good and help those I love and myself to grow.  

I threw myself into a rabbit hole yesterday and it was quite unnecessary. I invested my energy in totally ridiculous upsetting nonsense and through the law of “energy flows where attention goes”, I got myself in a real pickle.

So, I think I need to concentrate on where I invest my energy. I have golden opportunities every minute available to me but I so often go for the base metal opportunity….

Living today the fortune cookie way © 346/365

It seems I have quite a few long term goals on the go when I look at my vision board and in my journal but one that is really important to me is to finish this blog. I feel I have let myself down by not doing 365 days in perfect succession…but maybe there is a lesson in itself; I need to lighten up and recognise that it is quite a good thing to have got this far. 

I think the most important goal I should try and learn is to “trust” that “all will be well” and to “have complete faith”. I don’t know why I still want things to go on my timescale when I have never been let down. I don’t know why I can’t do this one simple thing which I know to be true but I can’t put it 100% into practise. Why?

I had a conversation with an aetheist a couple of days ago and he found my way of thinking totally irrational. He said he was a scientist and everything can be explained…but can it? Can we explain all the magical things that happen in life? Is there no such thing as a deeper reality? He said he heard it best by someone who said “we are all visitors here so leave it as you find it” to which I said but if we are visitors it means we have come from somewhere and are going somewhere. He said it was a figure of speech. 

I found it all rather depressing to be honest and left the conversation feeling that I prefer to live in a magical world where I am on a magical path even if I sometimes doubt it. Maybe I am fooling myself? 

I think that the thing I have to work hardest on is having complete faith that everything will work out perfectly, even the smallest things because afterall everything has worked out so far, and worked out better than I could have ever anticipated, even if I sometimes couldn’t see it at the time.